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The Bard is a solitary activist and political poet, who challenges society, government and corporations by his forthright lyrics.  The Bard's political activism expressed through his songs is to remind us of our precious freedom of speech that must not be taken for granted.  Loss of this freedom is the price we are now currently paying, for our lack of vigilance.  The Bard is unafraid to sing about controversial issues, especially those that contradict the opinions and beliefs of the majority.

A proud Anthroposophist who, from birth, has been immersed in Spiritual Science, The Bard is an adherent to the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner.  He was fully educated from Kindergarten to Year 12 at Lorien Novalis, a Waldorf / Steiner school in Sydney, Australia.  This school was co-founded by the Bard's parents, Alan and Susan Whitehead, who are both respected and globally recognised educators in the Steiner Education field.

In the 1990s and 2000s, The Bard was also a Steiner teacher at the Shearwater and Rainbow Ridge schools, and was also teacher and principal at Golden Bower School on the far north coast of New South Wales.  It was as a teacher that The Bard wrote many of his songs for children, some of which are currently performed at festivals around Australia, and possibly the world.  Stream or download 'Secrets from Seasons' for a few examples.

Although Anthroposophy was never promoted to him as a child, he began reading his mother's collection of Steiner lectures and books as a young teenager, receiving as a 16th birthday gift 'Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and its Attainment'.  This interest has continued over the years, allowing him to develop his own beliefs and ideologies, alongside those of Spiritual Science.  Along with many other courageous Michaelean souls, The Bard is first-hand taking on the fight against Ahriman and his minions, whose mission is to mentally and physically enslave the bulk of humanity.  This is now plain to see in our Covid corrupted and controlled world.

The Bard believes that the spirit of Spiritual Science can be tapped into by each and every soul who has his sights set on the truth, which is currently obscured by deceit, but can still be found with enough dedication and discernment.  Not all of these Michaelean souls will be actual Anthroposophists, but all will have an unconscious belief in expressing many of the values of Anthroposophy.  To cite just a few examples: Julian Assange, Jordan Peterson, Greta Thunberg and Edward Snowden, but there are many.  You only need to look at how many people are starting up small, alternative communities and living healthier lifestyles where they venerate nature and the spiritual worth of each human being.

An accomplished guitarist and songwriter, The Bard is a musical journeyman who has written and recorded many albums, not all of which are politicially driven, however.  Beginning with folk-style, haunting melodies in Sands of Time, he created the definitive cruising album in 2005.

Followed by Speak the Truth in 2007 (re-released as The Bard Live in Ballarat, Vol. 3 in 2021), this album is a compilation of challenging acoustic guitar instrumentals and catchy songs which were recorded live during The Bard's performances in and around Ballarat.  Around the same time, The Bard Live in Ballarat, Vol. 1 was recorded, showcasing the best of The Bard's live, foot-stomping and very individual renditions of popular covers.

2008 saw the birth of In a Golden Dawn, a journey through The Bard’s soul where listeners can relate to the various subjects taken from The Bard’s life experiences and perspective.  Real life issues about family, love, loss, the environment, and the meaning of life are expressed through The Bard’s musical landscape.

In 2010, The Bard released Songs of Dissent, an album best described as politically incorrect; a bold, outspoken response to government policies, both economic and environmental. The intention of this album was to be a wake-up call to society at large, to spark a new wave of social consciousness. The Bard dares to speak the truth and expose the hidden agendas of secret societies, secret agencies, governments and corporations encapsulated in Songs of Dissent.

The next album, Far out to Sea, released in 2015, is a heady mixture of politically-driven songs, ballads and spiritual reminders.  From The Bard's musical lens, in the five years between Songs of Dissent and Far out to Sea, the world at large had not progressed enough to make a real difference in people's daily lives. However, here we are in 2021 and the world is in a state of great turmoil.  Prophetically, on The Bard’s album, Between the Lines, the song The Greatest Trick was penned long before the (manufactured) pandemic.  Check out this song’s lyrics on our Lyrics page to see for yourself.  The Bard has been warning people for years about government corruption, corporate greed and the stripping of rights from all of us.


Currently, there is no other Australian artist, mainstream or alternative, who is a political singer/songwriter of this calibre, who covers real issues that affect us all on the everyday level.  The Bard’s political activism through his songs is in an effort to make sure that we continue to hold on to the freedoms we all enjoy, but which are quickly disappearing. 

The Bard is a voice to wake up the people!

"Never before, in the history of human conflict,

have so many been fooled by so few."


This album showcases The Bard’s unique, foot-stomping renditions of the pub crowd’s favourite covers and The Bard’s originals.

For those who prefer the physical product instead of digital streaming, these CDs come in a classic jewel case.

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For lovers of classic rock, and even for those who are new to the genre, this album will tick all the boxes. 

A variety of strong, melodic electric guitar, instrumentals, rock/pop style ballads and rock songs reminiscent of the bands of the eighties, this album will make you feel nostalgic for those heady days of rock. 

The range of songs spans across classic rock, political ballads and urban country.

It's a musical feast for the ears!

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