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The greatest power known to Man, trade-marked democracy

And don’t you try and tell it any different

With tentacles around the world and deep under the sea

Ancient Rome reborn and resurrected

We follow U.S. footsteps, regardless where they lead

We do and say exactly as commanded

Like when under the Union Jack, fell at Gallipoli

All slaughtered on the shore right where we landed


We bash down doors in Baghdad and we kill in Kandahar

Fighting wars Americans invented

Fighting for excessive wealth and the comfort of the few

While searching for insurgents dressed as peasants

We shove them up against the walls, then strip them to the floor

Looking for small arms for their resistance

Then rob them of all decency, respect and dignity

While terrifying wives and little children


Yankees, Diggers side by side, weapons either hand

Implements of murder in possession

People scattered, bodies splattered, blood upon the ground

Death must be the ultimate intention

We send young kids with rifles in our name and in our place

To shoot at old men riding older donkeys

Missions we commission that keep changing year to year

I thought that we were looking for Osama!


We tell the world Saddam Hussein had WMDs

A massive lie, all guilty of collusion

A bid to get our hands on all the oil from overseas

Any fool can tell the real intention

For weapons of destruction, were nowhere to be found

We were sent there anyway, just as expected

By U.S. corporations who have the final say

Who pay for presidents to be elected


We talk in solemn sombre tones of courage under fire

Of boys returning home in wooden boxes

Then tell the world of sacrifice and why they had to die

Far away in someone else’s borders

Patriotic vomit, we’re exposed to every day

Splashed on telescreens and gossip papers

What Orwell wrote as fiction is reality today

Everywhere I look I see his pages


Politicians either side all share the common view

Of Lobbyists, of miners and of bankers

Who swim around like hungry sharks, all waiting for the kill

Economy not people is their mantra

Corporations bleed us dry, we never stand a chance

Our rights have disappeared, just as predicted

Have a look around you and see the fascist State

Occupy not likely, all evicted


When did you say as voter, say that we will go to war?

When did you say that fracking was essential?

When did you say the miners and the banks could have it all?

When did you say ‘Economy not people’?

Why do you bother voting, when you have nothing to say?

Why vote for those you know will make you poorer?

Why listen to the voice of vested interest every day?

Come on everyone, you should know better


We turn around the crowded boats of desperate refugees

Who come here seeking shelter and asylum

Shelter from the bullets, and the wrath of our marines

Shelter from our Foreign Occupation

We trap them inside razor wire, then watch them suicide

Watch them lose all hope and lose their families

Then cage them up like animals, and leave them there to die

Hitler did much similar from memory