Living a reclusive life in the mountains, The Bard is a solitary activist and political poet, challenging society, government and corporations by his forthright lyrics. The Bard’s political activism is expressed through his songs is in an effort to remind people of our precious freedom of speech that must not be taken for granted.  Loss of this freedom is the price we will pay for lack of vigilance.  The Bard is unafraid to sing about controversial issues, especially those that contradict the opinions and beliefs of the majority.  He is the disseminator of dissent, whose songs are a stimulant for the comatose masses who believe in the illusion of this so-called ‘democratic’ society.


A musical journeyman, The Bard has written and recorded many albums, not all of which are politically driven, however. Beginning with folk style haunting melodies in “Sands of Time”, he created the definitive cruising album in 2005.


Followed by “Speak the Truth” in 2007, this album is a compilation of challenging acoustic guitar instrumentals and catchy songs which were recorded live during The Bard’s performances in and around Ballarat before he vanished to the mountains.  Around the same time, “The Bard, Live in Ballarat” was recorded, showcasing the best of the Bard’s live, foot-stomping and very individual renditions of popular covers.


2008 saw the birth of “In a Golden dawn”, a journey through the Bard’s soul where listeners can relate to the various subjects taken from the Bard’s life experiences and perspective.  Real life issues about family, love, loss, the environment, and the meaning of life are expressed through The Bard’s musical landscape.


In 2010, The Bard released ‘Songs of Dissent’, an album best described as politically incorrect - a bold, outspoken response to government policies, both economic and environmental. This album’s intention was to be a wake-up call to society at large, to spark a new wave of social consciousness. The Bard dares to speak the truth and expose the hidden agendas of secret societies, secret agencies, governments and corporations in “Songs of Dissent”. 


Currently, there is no other Australian artist, mainstream or alternative, who is a political singer/songwriter of this calibre, who covers real issues that affect us all on the everyday level.  The Bard’s political activism through his songs is in an effort to make sure that we continue to hold on to the freedoms we all enjoy. The Bard is  Australia’s definitive balladeer, the true voice for the people.

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Finally, it’s here! 

The Bard’s latest album, Far out to Sea!


An album of eleven stunning tracks, featuring the ballad of The Pikeman’s Dog, a uniquely Australian story of a previously untold legend of bravery and loyalty at the Eureka Stockade.


This album is unequivocally the best yet; it represents the peak of The Bard’s songwriting talent and musical perfection.  And to cap it off, this album was recorded, mixed and mastered using completely off-grid, pure solar power.